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Visit Raja Ampat

Flower dive center Raja Ampat

Far away from cities, traffic and endless annoying noise of modern civilization, you will find true heaven. Countless small islands, bays and shoals. Only a small area around Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat, has streets and cars. The islands and small villages, can only be reached by boat. No cities, no shops, no bars, no restaurants and no stress. It seems like time doesn`t exist. Everything slows down naturally by itself. Raja Ampat simply shines through with is natural beauty. That`s why it`s referred to as 
"The Last Paradise"

Relaxing in the hammock, in front of a little wooden cottage. Listening only to the sound of the ocean, the wind and the birds of paradise. There is no day like another. The changing of the color of the ocean, from turquoise to deep blue is complemented by the green of the rainforest, the blue sky and the movement of the clouds. Sunsets and sunrises are out of this world. Mother nature creates an endless play of colors.

Come and see for yourself!

sunrise Diving Raja Ampat
Cuscus Scuba diving Raja Ampat
The under water world is beyond exceptional, but the world above the water and it`s wildlife is equally breathtaking. Islands created in perfection, lush green rainforest and large mangrove areas, hidden lakes and waterfalls. The rainforest looks green, green and greener, but have a closer look. There are so many gorgeous tropical flowers to find. In the night a shy Cuscus climbs slowly around the trees, looking for food. Also the Coconut Crab gets active at night or you hear the sound of the wings of a huge fruit bat. 
In the daytime you can find monitor lizards, beautiful butterflies and of course the birds of paradise.
Over 250 bird species call Raja Ampat their home, including the Birds of Paradise. The Wilson`s Bird of Paradise and the Red Bird of Paradise can only be found on a few islands in Raja Ampat, including here on Gam Island. Eagles, parrots, cockatoos, kingfisher and hornbill birds can be spotted quiet often around Gam, during beach and jungle walks. The highest chance of seing the special Birds of Paradise, is during sunrise and sunsets with a local guide. 

There are different ways to travel Raja Ampat: via liveaboard, island hopping, staying in local homestays or resorts. Depending on budget, interest, luxury and time. Liveaboards are awesome as well. Especially if you`re especially focused on diving and you want to dive Misool, in the south, which isn`t easy to reach. If you want island feeling and diving at the same time, chose a local homestay at moderate prices. If you need a bit more luxury, choose a resort. Some people like island hopping, while others prefer a more relaxing approach, staying in one place and visiting famous sites via day trips. Others split their holiday with part liveaboard and half diving from land.
Choosing our dive center Tarzan Diving, you get a little bit of everything. We are a good alternative to dive Raja Ampat on budget compared to resorts and liveaboards. You stay in one of the surrounded local homestays and support the local families. You are in the heart of Raja Ampat, meaning diving central Raja Ampat, Dampir Strait until Piaynemo. Even if you`re short on time, no worries. Join our adventure trips. We combine diving and the most famous places of Raja Ampat.
If you want to dive flat out, dive with us. This is your spot. If you want to relax, dive once or twice a day and spend the rest of your day exploring the rainforest and beach or relaxing in the hammock. This is your spot. Experience the beauty this island has to offer above and under the water. Come and visit us.

Create your individual Raja Ampat holiday. For further information, contact Tarzan-Diving.

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