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Beach of Tarzan-Diving Center Raja Ampat


was founded in 2021 and is named after our first dog Tarzan. Local people tried to kill this dog in many different ways and he has scars all over his body. We saved him and moved from the island. The power of this dog, surviving this, seems like a little miracle. Taking care of a traumatized, gipsy dog, is a big challenge and takes a lot of time and patience. Ending up with a happy dog, trusting again, loyal and honest is simply incomparable.
 These attributes also apply to us and our dive center. Feeling safe and happy, being honest, loyal, patient and there for each other, even in challenging times.
Finally we ended up with six dogs. This area doesn`t have a veterinarian, no castration or sterilization. Many dogs are suffering, looking for love and food.
Like Dalai Lama said: "our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if you can`t help them at least, don`t hurt them."
We are living this philosophy, respecting every creature above and under water. We can`t save them all, but small things make a difference. Which includes showing positive ways to treat wildlife and giving knowledge to the local people about how to take care of the environment.

Tarzan-Diving, scuba dive center
Raja Ampat

Paul and Heike, 
owners of Tarzan-Diving. We are an Indonesian-German couple.
We met on a liveaboard trip. Our passion for diving, love for animals, nature, music, as well as enjoying quiet places and the beauty of this area, brought us together.
Local know-how meets European standards. 
We combine our knowledge of scuba diving, share our passion and offer an unforgettable dive experience, with high level standards.

Owner Tarzan-Diving Scuba diving Raja Ampat
Diving with divemaster Paul at Tarzan-Diving, dive center Raja Ampat
Paul (Padi divemaster)
grew up in Misool, Raja Ampat.
He has been actively working in the dive business since 2014.
Starting out as a compressor operator, led to his career in scuba diving and he is now a qualified divemaster. Paul knows the area like the back of his hand. His experience and understanding of this ocean environment, is truly a gift. Paul ensures divers are matched to dive sites, within their level of experience, guaranteeing safety and of course marine life action. There is no ultimate dive spot in Raja Ampat, important is to jump at the right tide, at the right place.
Paul speaks fluent English and has years of experience, working as a dive guide for several resorts, liveaboards and homestays in Raja Ampat.
Local eyes spot marine life like no other, especially our underwater macro friends! A dive experience with Paul will never disappoint.

Heike (Padi Instructor)
grew up in Germany and worked as a social worker with kids, having mental health problems, for many years. Working with these kids was a matter of heart for her, but at the same time extremely burdening. She discovered early on her passion for scuba diving and spent every holiday opportunity diving around the world. Diving was the easiest way to release the stress, clear the mind and re-energize. In 2014 Heike took one year off and became a dive professional. Later on, Heike integrated diving in her social work. She began taking kids diving in German lakes and pools.  Diving turned out to be therapy, especially for hyperactive and traumatized kids.
In 2019 she left social work and turned her hobby into a job.
Heike`s strength lies in her social sphere. Discovery scuba divers and  beginners appreciate her calm leadership. While Heike`s experience, passion and respect for diving ensures high standard courses.
Scuba Diving Instructor, we offer Padi Dive courses in Raja Ampat

Meet The Team


Mario - Divemaster 

Fun, professional, and caring, you will always feel safe underwater. Known for his amazing ability to spot creatures of all kinds! Occasionally gets confused for Tarzan... we think it's the hair!

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-07 at 15.17.36.jpeg

Cassie - Office

Manager of bookings and enquiries, here to help you plan your perfect dive trip! Always time for chat with a big smile.


Usi - Cook

Maker of cakes, cookies, and all things yummy, ready for your lunches and interval snacks!



Often seen with his clean, white socks pulled up, sitting cross legged, looking...well...cute! Occasionally the side kick of Puppy Lee.

*Please say hello but approach from below!



Stealer of fishes and hearts! Everybody's friend. Enjoys cuddles, long walks and sunbathing on the jetty!

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-07 at 15.46_edite


Our sweet crazy youngster. Always entertaining himself or chewing whatever he can find. Even office books.


Rizal - Captain

Rides the waves with speed and skill. Guarenteed to get you safely to all the best dive sites...hold on tight!


Yondri - Compressor & Tank Maintenance

Takes care of the all important air compressor, and ensures all scuba tanks are refilled safely and loaded onto the boat. Often seen whizzing up and down the jetty with a red wheelbarrow full of tanks... jump out of his way they're super heavy!



Owner, founder and all round great guy, with a big, BRAVE heart... the face of Tarzan diving himself!



Ring leader, mishief maker, shower dodger!

Small and cute, always on the look out for trouble!



The lady of the pack, keeps the boys on their toes with her feisty attitude! Has a huge soft spot for Mum (Heike) 

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