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View from our diving center in Raja Ampat

   ServiceTarzan-Diving, Dive Center Raja Ampat 


  •   daily scuba diving 

        - 2 morning dives (snacks included)
        - 1 afternoon dive 
        - night diving on request

  •  full and half day dive adventure trips (diving combined   with excursions to sights/ lunch and snacks included)

  • diving in small groups (not more than 4 people per guide)

  • discovery scuba diving

  • refresher dive

  • dive courses (Open water course through to Divemaster plus specialty courses)

  • house reef diving (guided on request)

  • pick-up within 3 km (100.000 per person/per day)

please note we are closed on Sunday, Raja Ampat is a Christian area, which locals celebrate, going to church and spending time with their families.

Turtle Dive center Tarzan-Diving Raja Ampat, Padi dive course Raja Ampat
Cuttlefish, Tarzan-Diving Tauchschule Raja Ampat

Tarzan-Diving located in Gam Island Raja Ampat,
is one of the most beautiful dive spots on earth. We reach more than 30 dive sites by boat. Most of them within 15 to 30 minutes, including famous dives sites like Cape Kri (world-record holding of the biggest biodiversity, in one dive) Blue Magic, Sardine- or Chicken Reef.  Arborek, Sawandarek Jetty and the Manta spots like Manta Ridge/ Manta Sandy, can be reached in around 45 minutes. For the surface interval we usually stop over on remote islands, with vanilla colored sandy beaches, local villages, lagoons or mangrove areas. Traveling through the loveliness of these islands, perfectly completes your day of diving.
To get more of the beauty of Raja Ampat, we also offer adventure trips, to combine diving and stunning sights, like the viewpoint of Piaynemo, waterfall in Patanta, Blue river in Waisai (kali biru), Gam Bay and Bird`s of Paradise. This beauty above and under water is outstanding, which makes your holiday unique and unforgettable. Tarzan-Diving is a good alternative to dive Raja Ampat on budget compared to expensive resorts or liveaboards.
The dive conditions are good all year round. There is no particular dry or or rainy season. Summer (June until October) months are more windy. Occasional rain showers belong to these islands, like the lush green of the jungle. The visibility is 15 to 30 meters, crystal clear water in summer while the visibility in winter may be a bit poorer, caused by plankton. But divers love plankton because plankton season means Manta season, which is generally from October to April. Watching theses giants spinning on the surface is just incredible, even whales and whale sharks can appear. The water temperature is around 28/29 °C, a 3mm wetsuit is usually enough. We recommend a long suit, to protect the body against fire corals and other stinging creatures.
Currents are present in Raja Ampat and can be quite strong. Which is good for divers, because it brings the nutritious rich water to the reef, attracting the marine life. Most of the dives are drift dives and we also use reef hooks to manage the current. Hook yourself up on a stone, relax and watch sharks, mantas and schools of fish passing by. Experienced divers and current lovers: this is your place to be. But it doesn`t mean beginners or people who like it more relaxed, can`t dive Raja Ampat. There are also some quiet places to dive, but not less impressive. The current is usually stronger during full and new moon. You can have a look on moon calendar before planning your trip. We also have two cycles of tides each day. During high tide and low tide, there is only mild or no current. Relaxed dives, also good for beginners and Macro lovers. Time to keep an eye on the small things, Raja Ampat is hiding in perfection, like the famous pygmy seahorses.
We always do check dives and plan the dives on divers level and experience. Safety first. We stay within our limits, dive levels and experience.
And of course, we respect marine life, we don`t touch or chase anything and don`t break any corals. 
Visit Tarzan-Diving and enjoy with us, this pearl of beauty mother nature created!!!

Clownfish during Padi scuba dive course Raja Ampat
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