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It`s a long way but it`s worth it!

beach Tarzan-Diving, scuba diving Raja Ampat


There are many ways to get to Raja Ampat. But there are no international flights to Sorong (SOQ). The most popular  flights are from Jakarta or Bali. You can get direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong (SOQ) which takes around 4 hours. Other domestic flights usually have a stopover in Makassar. 

Once you arrive in Sorong, you need to take a ferry to Waisai.

If you want to avoid spending another night in Sorong, keep an eye on the arrival of the flight and the departure of the ferry. Take a taxi to the harbor, price 100.000 IDR per taxi, it takes only 10 minutes. You might be able to share a taxi with other tourist from the airport to the harbor, to reduce cost. Just ask around at the baggage claim, while waiting for the luggage. The ferry usually runs twice a day, at 9.00 am and 2.00 pm in both directions. Ferry price is 125.000 IDR per person (VIP 225.000 IDR). The ferry to Waisai takes around 2 hours. Almost there. At the harbor in Waisai you can pay the marine park entrance fee, 300.000 IDR per person. Now you only need a boat transfer to your final island. The price per boat to Gam Island, is around 600.000 IDR and should be organized with the homestay in advance. If you don`t have a pick-up service, don`t worry. There are helpful people at the harbor, managing pick-up service or they call your homestay. You might be able to share a boat to save cost. It takes another half an hour to Gam Island, depending on the weather conditions.

Here you are: Welcome to Paradise!

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