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Programs & Courses 
Padi Dive Course, Raja Ampat



  • ​Discovery Scuba Dive (House Reef)                       1.000.000 IDR     

  • Discovery Scuba 2 Dives (House Reef & Boat)      2.200.000 IDR

  • Skill Refresh Dive                                                        900.000 IDR

  • Open Water Course                                                6.900.000 IDR

  • Advanced Open Water Course                              6.200.000 IDR

  • Rescue Diver Course                                               6.500.000 IDR

       (First Aid Course/ EFR within 24 months required)   

  • Deep specialty                                                         4.000.000 IDR

  • Divemaster                                                             19.500.000 IDR

All included: equipment, certification and e-learning materials. 

PADI Premium eLearning Courses 
Padi Dive Course, Raja Ampat

The Premium eLearning is an interactive study tool on the PADI App which includes helpful video clip tutorials. 

If you're a little short on time, or want to make the most of your trip without using up precious hours completing your eLearning during your stay, then a PADI Premium course may be the choice for you. If you prefer independent eLearning, without the need to sit in a classroom watching videos, PADI Premium allows you to purchase your materials directly from the online PADI store. This gives you instant access to all your materials, through your own personal log in, meaning you can complete your eLearning in your own time, before or after your course. 

PADI Premium eLearning courses can be purchased by following the links below.

  • Open Water Course                                5.900.000 IDR    + premium e-leaning  

  • Advanced Open Water Course              5.200.000 IDR    + premium e-learning

  • Rescue Diver Course                               5.500.000 IDR    + premium e-learning

  • Divemaster                                             17.900.000 IDR    + premium e-learning

PADI Premium eLearning

Course Details

Discovery Scuba Dive:                try diving and the feeling of being under water. If you decide to start a course with Tarzan-Diving
                                                      afterwards, we give you 30% Discount for the Discovery Scuba Dive

Skill Refresh Dive:                        this program is for certified divers, who haven't dived for a long time, to refresh their diving                                                                skills. 

Open Water Course:                   is the first scuba certification level. Learn the basic skills and knowledge required to scuba dive.
                                                      Dive up to 18 meters deep at home or abroad. This course takes 3-5 days and consists of                                                                    5 confined water dives and 4 open water dives. Dives are carried out on our house reef, a calm,                                                        sandy lagoon, perfect for practising skills. Incase extra buoyancy training is needed, we always                                                          provide time for extra training. The final open water dive will be done out on the                                                                                  boat on one of our beautiful dive sites.

Advanced Open Water Course: is all about advancing your skills. Dive up to 30 meters deep and learn to think like a diver. The                                                          course takes 2-3 days and consists of 5 adventure dives. The first 2 dives required are a deep                                                            dive and underwater navigation. The final 3 dives can be chosen by yourself, from either night                                                          dive, peak performance buoyancy, drift dive, or fish identification.

Rescue Diver Course:                  Learn how to prevent and mange problems in the water. Become more confident in your skills                                                          as a diver. Get familiar with water related emergency situations.
(First Aid Course or EFR within the past 24 months required.) 

Divemaster:                                  this is the first step to becoming a scuba diving professional. Become a dive leader. Learn how                                                          to supervise scuba diving activities, guiding and assist with scuba classes. Part of the course is a                                                        theoretical exam and also practical Padi requirements. You gonna lear all about briefung,                                                                  planning, preparing and taking care of equipment, risk management and customer service
                                                      and divers needs.  


Deep Specialty:                            learn all about deep diving, dive up to 40 meters deep.

We recommend booking your diving holidays in advance to secure your spot on the boat.

In the dive center you can pay with IDR in cash or by bank transfer / transfer apps such as Wise or Revolut, without additional cost.

For the final payment we also accept credit card at additional 3% charge.

Please note:  There are no ATMs on the island. ATMs are only available in Wasai.  ​​​​​

Booking & Payment
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