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Must do to visit!


Entering Indonesia and Raja Ampat:

  • Please check the current entry requirements at your responsible embassy.

  • You need to purchase two permits in advance:               1.  Raja Ampat visitor entry ticket. Price is 300.000 IDR you will get it at the harbor in Waisai.                               2. Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit. Price is 700.000 IDR per person. It`s required to dive and snorkel in Raja Ampat. This one can be purchased in Sorong/ Waisai or online @                                                                                                        More details about both permits @                                     


Payment and Local Sim Cards

  • General Payment methods are cash and bank transfer to a local bank account. The next ATM is in Waisai. A common payment App is the transfer App Wise.                                                                                    

  • Local Sim Card: the only operator in West Papua is Telkomsel. The card needs to be registered in a phone shop. Please let them know you need it in Papua. Not all Telkomsel get connection in Raja Ampat.


How to protect the sensitive environment:

  • ​buy reef friendly sunscreen

  • we don`t use soap or tooth paste to clean the mask, please spit or bring reef friendly antifog

  • use only small amounts of shampoo or soap, all goes unfiltered in the ground 

  • use PH-level neutral

  • avoid plastic rubbish

  • bring refillable drinking bottles

  • don`t leave any e-waste or batteries

Thank you for helping to protect the area. 


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