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Fun Diving,
around Gam, Raja Ampat

Manta shrimp, Tauchschule Tarzan-Diving Raja Ampat

       Price per person                                     Rental Gear                              Own Gear

  • 1 boat dive                                              700.000 IDR                              600.000 IDR

  • Guided night dive, house reef              650.000 IDR                              550.000 IDR

  • Guided night dive boat                         850.000 IDR                              750.000 IDR

  • House Reef                                             250.000 IDR                              150.000 IDR

  • Dive computer rental per day                                                                 100.000 IDR

  • Pick up service within 3 km (100.000 IDR per person, per day)

       If your accommodation is further than 3 km away, please speak with your                       homestay about transfers   


Dive Packages / Discount

   per person

                                  Rental Gear          Own Gear 

  •   5 dives               3.375.000 IDR       2.875.000 IDR

  • 10 dives               6.500.000 IDR       5.500.000 IDR

  • 20 dives             12.500.000 IDR     10.500.000 IDR

  • 30 dives             18.000.000 IDR     15.000.000 IDR



 Please note; dive packages must be booked in advance to take advantage of discounted rates!!!

Octupus Raja Ampat scuba diving

Prices include: guide, boat, gas, tea, coffee, water & snacks

Minimum 6 guests required. 

Price per boat dive + additional cost below per person:

  • Manta Sandy      +250.000 IDR 

  • Manta Ridge      +250.000 IDR

  • Manta Slope      +250.000 IDR

  • Arborek              +250.000 IDR 

  • Plane wreck        +500.000 IDR 

  • Manta Way         +500.000 IDR                     


Half Day Diving Trips
Wobbegong shark, Tarzan Diving Raja Ampat diving on budget.

Adventure Trips

Piaynemo Raja Ampat, Tarzan-Diving diving on budget



Full Day Trip

Prices include: entrance fees, guide, gas, tea, coffee, water & snacks 

Minimum 6 guests required.

Price per boat dive + additional cost below per person:

  • Piaynemo                     +950.000 IDR

  • Waterfall Batanta        +950.000 IDR

  • Gam Tour                     +800.000 IDR 

  • Citrus/ Mayhem          +350.000 IDR                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Please note: Trips are planned once guests are already here, we open a list, as soon as we have enough people we go for the trip, (minimum of 6 guests required) If you have interest in doing a trip please let us know. 

Pre booked dive packages also count towards adventure trips and half day trips + any additional costs.

We recommend booking your diving holidays in advance to secure your spot on the boat.

In the dive center you can pay with IDR in cash or by bank transfer / transfer apps such as Wise or Revolut, without additional cost. 

For the final payment we also accept credit card at additional 3% charge.

Please note:  There are no ATMs on the island. ATMs are only available in Wasai.  ​​​​​

Booking & Payment
frogfish, dive center tarzan-Diving Raja Ampat
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