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Manta Raja Ampat Diving
“ The Last Paradise“


Location Tarzan-Diving, dive center Raja Ampat 

Blacktip shark Tarzan-Diving scuba diving Raja Ampat
Shark dive center Raja Ampat

Tarzan-Diving scuba dive center on Gam Island is located in the heart of Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia. We partner with a local family who run Tau Yado guest house, where you can also find our dive center. Raja Ampat (meaning the four kings) is an archipelago in the middle of the "Coral Triangle". Four main islands "the four kings" (Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool) are surrounded by more than 1500 small islands. At this point the Indian Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean and creates one of the most biodiverse places on earth.
The underwater world contains more than 600 species of coral and more than 1700 species of reef fish.
This remote area, with its beauty above and under water, is absolutely breathtaking for nature lovers, snorkelers and divers.  
Scuba diving in Raja Ampat, is very special and has pretty much everything that makes a diver`s heart happier: large species included napoleon wrasse, humphead parrotfish and giant sweetlips. Not a dive day passes by without spotting any of the different kind of reef sharks living in this area. And of course manta rays. Beautiful healthy coral garden and walls, full of colorful life everywhere; octopus, cuttlefish, moray eels, sea serpent, giant clams, schools of fish, macro like nudibranchs, seahorses, shrimps, crabs and many more. Always keep an eye on the ocean from boat or land, whales and dolphins may pass by. Also you might see flying fish, jumping spanish mackerel or blue marlin.  Even jumping manta may be seen, or heard making a splash during the night.
Highlights are the giant oceanic manta, they can grow up to 8 meters wide. Diving with these majestic creatures is simply unforgettable. The wobbegong shark, mainly found only in Australia and Raja Ampat laying perfectly hidden, camouflaged with it`s weird beard on the ground. It`s another example of the endless creativity of mother nature. Also the walking shark or Epaulette shark is a special experience. These shy animals come out at night or can be found hidden under stones and corals. It`s very common to see different species of pygmy seahorse. These creatures are less than 2 cm in size and are extremely difficult to find. The local guides are experts at spotting these ones. Sometimes they are hard to see, even if they are shown to you. If you are lucky you may see dugong, blue-ringed octopus and even whales or whale shark. 
Anything can happen. Never skip a dive.

Simply incredible! 


Proudly presenting our new, luxury dive boat...Elly!

Raja Ampat Diving Viewpoint
Tarzan-Diving Raja Ampat
Pigmy Sea horse Raja Ampat diving
Sweet lips Raja Ampat diving

Pulau Gam
 Waigeo Selatan
            Zip Code 98475            
Raja Ampat
West Papua


Logo Tarzan-Diving, scuba diving center on Gam Island


Opening Hours
   monday - saturday
7 am - 6 pm

phone number / WhatsApp 

+62 81248216692


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